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Our Team's Journey

APJ Development's journey has been marked by growth, innovation, and unwavering commitment to our core values. With a focus on leveraging cutting-edge technologies, crafting superior products, and fostering strong camaraderie within our team, we continue to push boundaries and achieve excellence. Led by CEO Mr. Parveen Kumar, our team embodies a culture of continuous learning, open communication, and mutual respect.

Co-Founders Ashish and Jeetender Singh have been pivotal in shaping our company's identity and success. Their expertise in PHP, HTML, web design, and client management has propelled our growth trajectory. With their dedication and leadership, alongside Mr. Parveen Kumar, we strive to maintain our position as industry leaders, delivering exceptional results with every endeavor.

Mr. Parveen Kumar, CEO
CEO & Software Engineer

Parveen Kumar

As the CEO and Software Engineer at APJ ...
Co-Founder & PHP Developer


As a Co-Founder and PHP Developer, Ashish plays ...
Co-Founder & Web Designer

Jeetender Singh

Jeetender Singh, our Co-Founder and Web Designer, brings ...
Web Designer & Client Handler


Hitesh, our Web Designer and Client Handler, bridges ...
Web Developer & Android Developer


Kartik, our Web Developer and Android Developer, brings ...


Biku brings expertise in CSS and HTML to ...
Backend Developer


Dinesh specializes in backend development with Node.js and ...
Software Engineer

Amit Singh

Amit Singh is a seasoned Software Engineer with ...